Awakenings [noun]

Definition of Awakenings:

making conscious or alert

Synonyms of Awakenings:

Opposite/Antonyms of Awakenings:

Sentence/Example of Awakenings:

The Duke found no difficulty in awakening the wishes, which were necessary to his scheme, in the mind of young Lorraine.

In that sudden awakening had occurred the very psychological climax required to reveal the passionate emotion accumulated below.

The result was a new interest in Greek learning in all its branches, and a very rapid awakening of the scientific spirit.

I don't doubt you will find more than one affinity if you are awakening; that is merely the mating instinct.

It was as if the spirit of life and the awakening spring had given back the soul to her youth and bade her rejoice.

What an unpleasant and tiresome awakening from my dreams I experienced on my friends return!

He found his judge awakening from a nap before his library fire and dusting the crumbs from his beard.

A shiver ran over me from head to foot, which was probably the cause of my abrupt awakening in a state of great agitation.

She had been awakened; and with the awakening had risen a new understanding of her own life and the lives of others.

Would to God we could sleep long, and then the awakening you are about to see would never happen.