Awakens [verb]

Definition of Awakens:

make conscious or alert

Synonyms of Awakens:

Opposite/Antonyms of Awakens:

Sentence/Example of Awakens:

I would have cried like a child who sees the castle he has been dreaming about vanish away as he awakens from sleep.

Though Adolphe has become prudent, this reply awakens Caroline's susceptibilities.

There is a significant earnestness about this man, that awakens my fears.

I dare not say what terrible thoughts all this awakens in me.

The consciousness that there is anything wrong in the gratification of such sentiments awakens as a rule very gradually indeed.

So also in man the intelligence awakens and becomes active, the lowest aspect of the human Self.

It awakens interest and deepens impression, and all good teachers avail themselves, more or less, of its power.

Practical science most effectively awakens from its lethargy at the call of commerce.

It awakens all the energies of our nature, directs them to their proper object, and supplies an ample sphere for their exercise.

With the first puffs of the departing train a severe shock at his heart awakens the pale sleep-walker.