Awarding [verb]

Definition of Awarding:

give prize or reward

Synonyms of Awarding:

Opposite/Antonyms of Awarding:

Sentence/Example of Awarding:

Iuppiter might help at need in averting defeat and awarding victory, but it was with Mars that the general conduct of war rested.

The next day the King reviewed his native and British troops, awarding the most valiant of his officers the Albert medal.

A few days afterwards we had the further gratification of reading Orders awarding to each of us six months batta.

The awarding of the Galactic Medal of Honor, as always, was done in the simplest of ceremonies.

At eleven oclock came recess, and at the end of the afternoon the awarding of the good-conduct ribbons.

There was trouble in the Indiana city over the awarding of the pipe contract.

To say that Mr. Wallack stands at the head of melo-dramatic actors, is not awarding him full praise.

When it is found that local conditions call for the awarding of honors not provided for in the elective list.

Kamrasi conducts all business himself, awarding punishments and seeing them carried out.

Our own schemes of judgment, of assigning blame and praise, of awarding punishment and honor, are part of these conditions.