Awards [noun]

Definition of Awards:

prize or reward

Synonyms of Awards:

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Sentence/Example of Awards:

He also proposed to relieve Ireland from the stamp-duty on awards, the loss on which would not exceed 500 a year.

Possibly there are, even today, occasional awards made on a basis of pure merit, but they are probably few and far between.

Concerning Section 6, regarding boards of arbitration and awards, some constitutional question might arise.

In the pastime of hauling eminence down from its pinnacle she awards a pre-eminence to British critics.

Thousands of persons are going to receive valuable prizes or cash awards and compensations this year through our offers.

He used as a guide the fact that Parliament had appropriated 250,000 pounds to cover the awards of the commission.

Mrs. Thrale awards the palm of excellence in the same path to Johnson.

Plutarch awards high praise to Cato the censor, for his invariable custom of being present when his child was washed.

These two persons had made a very trade of those crimes to which man's law awards death.

When exhibitions of domestic birds were first held, the awards were usually made by committees of two or three judges.