Aways [interjection]

Definition of Aways:

go away

Synonyms of Aways:

Opposite/Antonyms of Aways:


Sentence/Example of Aways:

Later, while we three cast-aways drifted with the bovine tide, he spoke to Piegan Smith.

That's a dam downstream aways en the B-line waters a couple o' hundred acres.

Seein' a platter of ice cream down the table aways, I got up onto my feet, and havin' a good long arm, reached for it.

Dr. Brown aways spoke of men above himself in the social scale as "fine gentlemen."

Run-aways were hunted—dogs being used to track them at times.

The coulees won't be so deep back aways, an' I've got to catch up that cayuse.

YOU look real healthy—though you can't aways tell by looks, either.

"Freddy, my laddy; do you take this torch and walk off aways, so that it will be dark here," said Mickey to his companion.

Promised her we'd take the boat and pull along the beach aways, and leave her free.

I didn't see nothin' but a couple o' young fly-aways playin' 'possum in a hole in the big rock.