Awed [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Awed:

I was rather awed by his imposing appearance, and advanced timidly to the doors, which were of glass, and pulled the bell.

"Looks like some wild beast had attacked him," muttered the old man, in awed tones, as he bent over the lifeless body.

Her tragic attitude, her wondrous beauty, awed the men, and they lowered the guns that had been raised to slay the father.

He felt at once ashamed and awed as he viewed at first hand the unfolding schematic structure.

The crowd parted on either side, silenced and awed by the look of potential purpose in the face of this yesterday's hero.

"I beg your pardon, madame," he returned earnestly, awed by the look in her face; for she was thoroughly aroused.

A frenzied bustle ensued as Wilkins directed a platoon of awed techs through the process of bringing the mountain to Mohammed.

There was something in Hal Overton's cold, steady, masterful eyes that awed them more than any fears of their own.

Somewhat awed by my calm fury, he hastened back to camp and returned with the binoculars.

Hand in hand we stood before it, awed by the sight of this beast, so long believed to be extinct.