Awes [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Awes:

Struck with surprise, the dead silence of profound awe, for an instant stilled the whole assembly.

It was very unfortunate that the whole establishment stood in unaffected awe of the redoubted Mr Bellamy.

Awe stole upon him; he felt himself included in the great ideal of this older day.

The bishop answered, that the awe of seeing before him so great and wise a prince made him afraid to trust himself.

Ye told me that he only kepit twa sairvents: a cook, hoosekeper, who lived awe', an' a man—a foreigner?

Of course such men die young, but they are useful in exciting the mind to wonder and awe.

His father seldom spoke of his mother, but when he did it was in tones of awe, almost of worship.

These words, uttered with thrilling earnestness, struck reverent awe into the nuns and the stranger.

He swore vows of reverence and knighthood; he fell upon his knees before her, weeping, his soul white-hot with awe.

A feeling of awe stole over Thyrsis as he watched her—a feeling the like of which he had never known in his life before.