Awestruck [adjective]

Definition of Awestruck:

amazed, astonished

Synonyms of Awestruck:

Opposite/Antonyms of Awestruck:


Sentence/Example of Awestruck:

It was the first time either of them had been to a rocket launch, and both said they were awestruck.

“I definitely remember this feeling of just being awestruck,” Rivera-Valentín says.

Judge Lynch, awestruck by this terrible roar, now felt what it is to be a judge; he trembled and hesitated.

Kalingalunga paused at the brink and said to his companions in a low, awestruck voice, "Milmeridien."

In this garden of the dead of all ages they felt their common humanity, and followed their black brother silent and awestruck.

Meadows sat still as a mouse, his brain boiling and bubbling—awestruck at what he had done, yet meditating worse.

I stood amongst my awestruck congregation for a few minutes.

For some moments I stood silent, awestruck by this extraordinary spectacle.

"She has the sense of the Leitmotiv," said Bemolle, with awestruck eyes and oracular forefinger.

"They'd have burned you for witchcraft a century ago," said Dolly, gazing awestruck at the miraculous box.