Awfulness [noun]

Definition of Awfulness:


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Sentence/Example of Awfulness:

The awfulness of the situation forced itself upon him, and bitterly he blamed  himself.

To lessen the awfulness of the proceeding, it was arranged that one of the elder sisters should join him in his lessons.

He has never believed, save when driven mad by the barbarians, in the mysterious awfulness of our far-away God.

Earth has been spared the awfulness—(without destruction)—and has missed the glory of such a storm as this.

At the last, with due emphasis, of solemnity and awfulness, he had killed a young pig with his shot-gun and promptly fainted.

To some the gigantic awfulness of this huge and mysterious world of stone is more impressive than its beauty or its majesty.

They gave me more room in the bed forthwith, and then the elder sat up and expressed his sense of my awfulness.

The fragrance of lilacs was always hereafter to bring back the awfulness of this waking moment.

She was somewhat in a daze, and also over-excited by the awfulness of the situation.

Even so late as the Napoleonic wars its awfulness was blended with beauty.