Awhile [adverb]

Definition of Awhile:

for a short period

Synonyms of Awhile:

Opposite/Antonyms of Awhile:


Sentence/Example of Awhile:

The retargeting ads can feature new offers or content to bring users back who may not have used the app for awhile, have products in their cart, are likely to make in-app purchases, promote an event or sale, or installed but haven’t used the app yet.

So, it was another small business investment funded him, he was going out of the back of his truck for awhile, and this was his first-ever store.

It wasn’t like I left Avalon and just started living my best life, it definitely took awhile to repair the hurt that happened from those several years when Avalon was ending and all the things I went through at that point.

It may be awhile before gyms in India can see pre-pandemic crowds.

Second, it’s the one where the WB demanded the show play to the network’s target demographic and give them some scantily clad teens, so Rory and Jess run through some sprinklers, get soaking wet, and stare at each other awhile.

It may be awhile until the country opens up, but you’ll need some time to plan this bucket-list trip anyway.

When they rose from table and went back into her little drawing-room, she left her daughter alone for awhile with Bernard.

The secretary trembled in his every limb; his eyes shunned his master's as his master's had shunned Garnache's awhile ago.

The cloud of these coming enemy reinforcements has cast its shadow over us for awhile and now the sun shines again.

When it was all over Alila was not too tired to play for awhile with a few locusts he had caught in a net.