Awkwardly [adverb]

Definition of Awkwardly:

with difficulty

Synonyms of Awkwardly:

Opposite/Antonyms of Awkwardly:

Sentence/Example of Awkwardly:

You might even wonder at the whole concept of the news conference minuet after the same awkward questions and the same strained answers.

For starters, you really need several of them to actually warm up a group of people, and it’s a bit awkward to congregate around a hot pole.

Keeping your contact information organized will speed up the preparation process and will help you avoid awkward situations like sending an invitation twice, or forgetting to do a follow-up with them.

Although there was nothing awkward about this shoot-and-sprint method of travel, I didn’t find it an addictive fun loop either.

Jessie’s own son attends the school and Slater still calls her “mama,” so yes, it is awkward.

He was sacked six times by the Denver Broncos, the last of which produced an awkward-looking fall for him.

Side by side with this terrifying discovery was the certain fact that his awkwardly built craft would gain little by maneuvering.

(A little awkwardly) Darling one, I wonder if you'd mind—just at first—being introduced as my niece.

"Tell him to call," she said to Tim, who delivered her message rather awkwardly, as if expecting a rebuff.

"Go long with you, Andy Rawlinson," she cried as the youth lingered rather awkwardly in the doorway.