Awkwardness [noun]

Definition of Awkwardness:

clumsiness; inelegance

Opposite/Antonyms of Awkwardness:

Sentence/Example of Awkwardness:

Lucia said their initial interaction felt tense and awkward — but it helped that they were wearing nearly the same color and style of ankle boots.

Between those two things, there was almost no way to stop the timing from being very awkward.

Being able to hear people’s voices made them feel significantly closer to the stranger and turned out not to be more awkward than text-chatting.

At some unknown point, another manzanita sprouted, unrecognized and in a most awkward spot.

Cody won Head of Household over Enzo and Nicole, meaning he could decide whom to take to the final two — a situation made more awkward by the fact that he had promised both of them he would remain loyal to the end.

To avoid an awkward exchange, you flash them a friendly smile.

On the ground, the dinosaurs would’ve been slow and awkward and easily picked off by predators.

This is an awkward scenario because it can easily make the customer feel insignificant and unmemorable.

We had the most awkward conversation I’ve ever had in my life.

How could she readily become accustomed to such without displaying awkwardness.