Awls [noun]

Definition of Awls:

tool for boring

Synonyms of Awls:

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Sentence/Example of Awls:

Really the best method is to make a round denuded spot by twirling a small brad-awl.

The last act of ownership performed by the master was the piercing of the right ear with an awl.

Baba Mustapha was seated with an awl in his hand, just going to work.

"I'll earn 'em," said the cobbler, with a savage dash of his awl which one of his fingers barely escaped.

The older needlework is of exceptionally good character and shows great skill with the awl.

Alderman, awl′dėr-man, n. in English and Irish boroughs, a civic dignitary next in rank to the mayor.

Alder, awl′dėr, n. a tree related to the birch, usually growing in moist ground.

If Saint Hughs bones shall not be set a-work, I may prick mine awl in the walls, and go play.

That, the vartues ov woman are awl her own, but her frailities hav bin taught her.

"The lapse ov ages," iz a pleasant thing tew dwell upon, but after awl, verry mutch depends upon the ages ov the laps.