Awns [noun]

Definition of Awns:

sharp end, top, end of extension

Synonyms of Awns:

Opposite/Antonyms of Awns:

Sentence/Example of Awns:

This awn is sensitive to changes in the moisture of the air.

"You go awn and start something—and you'll wisht you hadn't," they heard him croak from the big gate, and chuckled over his wrath.

Go awn and tell him a good, stiff lie, Andy—just to keep him interested while us fellers make a gitaway.

She used to say, "Lawd, chile, you don't know how soovin' it is to jest bust out awn 'casions lake dese!"

Seeds of hermaphrodite flowers quadrangular, crowned by one long awn, and the rudiment of another.

Two follicles, sharp-pointed, channeled, containing many imbricated seeds each with an awn.

Onelie for 11 my awn parte I will avoid al novelties, and content my self with the letteres quhilk we have in use.

We permit the will of otheres be letting; as, let God aryse; let everie man have his awn wyfe.

Dat's a pow'ful good-lookin' suit o' clo'es what L'tenant Greenfeel got awn.

Achenes top-shaped, 5-costate, villous; pappus of 5–10 long thin scales, awn-tipped by the excurrent nerve.