Awoken [verb]

Definition of Awoken:

become alert or cause to rise from sleep

Synonyms of Awoken:

Opposite/Antonyms of Awoken:

Sentence/Example of Awoken:

Gilles slept long, and was awoken in full light by the sound of King Richard calling for his breakfast.

Describe for me the beauty that has awoken such emotion in a soul as dull and muddy as thy own.

Thou shalt think, if thou wilt, of all that has occurred to thee as nothing but a dream, from which thou hast awoken.

He was awoken by the voice of Oliver Marston loudly calling him.

Mercedes, who had recovered from her fainting fit, felt so terrified that she regretted that she had awoken again.

My courage rises, and I fall into a deep sleep, but to be awoken in half an hour by a tremendous noise overhead.

The sun was pouring through the barred window when he was awoken by the entrance of a gigantic figure bearing food and drink.

Thereby he was awoken to reflection, and tried to warn and sober his frivolous countrymen by dwelling on the power of Jupiter.

Christendom had awoken to new life after the great and terrible New Year's Eve of 999.

Especially do I fancy this when I have gone off into a reverie, and then suddenly awoken from it, and am feeling bewildered.