Awry [adjective]

Definition of Awry:

off course; amiss

Synonyms of Awry:

Opposite/Antonyms of Awry:


Sentence/Example of Awry:

She cried out as she did so, and then rising with some difficulty, immediately sat down again with her face awry.

For everything which goes awry she has this answer: "Well, you would get up so early!"

That complacent remark struck the ear awry, like the whine of a deacons report at a Sunday-school convention.

Hotspur, after a mad gallop, had raced back riderless to the stables, stirrups dangling and saddle awry.

I follow, but am not so lucky, for the next wave catches the boat awry and sluices me from neck to heel!

As they approached the building Murray noticed that the edge of the weather observation platform was twisted awry.

As she entered the inner room it was as though her coming into it set all its orderliness awry.

In the house itself everything is a little awry, a little rickety—but no matter.

The man was clumping slowly along in his rubber boots; an old cap was slewed awry on his head, its peak drawn down over one ear.

The white cloth over him was a little awry, but it covered the body and hid the face.