Axes [noun]

Definition of Axes:

large cutting tool

Synonyms of Axes:

Opposite/Antonyms of Axes:


Sentence/Example of Axes:

They struck hard blows with their stone axes, which the animals learned to fear.

Those behind pressed forward, only to bite the dust, like their comrades, under the spears and axes of the Scots.

Tom took one of the axes and chopped a small hole in the top of the cave, some distance above the door.

Well, dar stan's a Yankee, an' he axes Missus Mary fer de smokehouse key.

Almost at the same moment two devils leaped from the ground and with their axes struck Granville and his sister from behind.

We wus settin' in de kitchen at de house on Davie Street when he axes me ter have him an' I has him.

He axes me whar I'se gwine an' I tells him home, so he brung me on ter Raleigh.

I encountered no Indians, although axes and knives 347 on the ground showed where they had been stationed before retiring.

Them fellers that went down to fight the Apaches was painted up's savage's meat-axes.

The form is an ellipse with axes of 620 and 513 feet, the building covering nearly six acres of ground.