Axial [adjective]

Definition of Axial:

main, principal; in the middle

Synonyms of Axial:

Opposite/Antonyms of Axial:

Sentence/Example of Axial:

This exoskeleton differs from the main or axial skeleton of the higher animals, the latter being inside of the body.

The trunk has its central axial backbone stripe and its lateral rib-lines.

We thus see clearly that the dorsal stripe is directly related to the internal axial skeleton.

He examined for instance the thorns of the Hawthorn, and saw that their structure was axial.

At one point in this rim may be seen the embryo, consisting of a somewhat raised area with an axial groove (mg).

Fontaine similarly employed two concentric axial flow turbines formed in the same casing.

Let ri, ro be the radii of the inlet and outlet surfaces of the pump disk, di, do the clear axial width at those radii.

Their body is always composed of two chief organs, the axial stem and the lateral leaves.

The horizontal section (vertically to the chief axis) is round in the uniaxials and polygonal in the transverse-axial.

There is considerable variation in the width of the axial lobe.