Axioms [noun]

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Heavens, with what pained looks, with what platitudes and proverbs, with what reproofs and axioms and sentiments!

The axiom, "Equals subtracted from equals leave equal differences," may be demonstrated from the two axioms in the text.

Whatever may be the precise date of these axioms the ideas they express well repay careful consideration.

The bases of its teaching are simply "axioms" which are incapable of proof.

They imply certain propositions which might be regarded as axioms.

It is almost superfluous to discuss the third of our axioms, namely, that which concerns the confession of material.

Proof of this is that we find no pleasure in axioms and first principles, which we know without effort.

The existence of God can be demonstrated philosophically from premises going back to axioms and first principles.

Three times foiled in his malignant scheme the now obscene Ming-shu sets all the Axioms at naught.

There is not a single successful revolution in history that does not prove the truth of these axioms.