Axle [noun]

Definition of Axle:

shaft around which wheels rotate

Synonyms of Axle:

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Sentence/Example of Axle:

There must be a fly-wheel, with a notch to carry the rope, and also a small notch wheel on the drum-axle.

The "reach" went on with the forward axle, and the back wheels spun around, dashed across the road, and smashed into the fence.

The axle, which is likewise of wood, is never greased, and thus causes the demoniacal kind of music to which I alluded.

I got that in 1841, through the breaking of my near hind axle as we came down through Guildford town.

Fig. 36 gives the loads per axle and the distribution of loads in some exceptionally heavy modern British locomotives.

The parts of a shaft or axle which rest upon the bearings or supports are called journals, pivots, or collars.

The turbine is constructed on an axle made of a hatpin which runs through the top of the standards for bearings.

There is no want of firs on the Russian frontier, and axle-trees grow naturally in forests.

When you are on your journeys, you carry the rings on your shoulders, and your axle turns the two wheels at once.

It rests on posts which have pieces of iron on them under the ends of the axle.