Ayahs [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Ayahs:

The day before the steamer reached Southampton, Mamma asked her if she would not like to see the ayah again.

That is her Ayah, who comes up from behind at a pace so different from her youthful mistress's.

All, that is, save Nina's ayah, who opportunely produced a bottle of smelling-salts and passed it to the mem-sahib.

It was the next morning, and Nina's ayah sat on a chair in the passage, guarding the door of her mistress's room.

When Colonel Darling returned from parade the ayah was gone from the passage-way outside his wife's room.

He calls out "Ayah" and "Boy," so naturally that at first the servants thought it was their master calling them.

In life I had respected the Ayah, but now she was dead and was far beyond the possibility of feeling.

When the ayah reached the gate and saw Tony far in front she thought her other charge was with him and passed out.

She stood in the middle of the room while her ayah no, her husband it must have been a man threw her clothes at her.

The language of her ayah had until then been more familiar to her than any other language.