Ayes [noun]

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Sur le confluant des deux rivieres, y avoit la plus belle assemble des Sauvages que j'aye point encore veue.

If you cannot bear the cigar in your mouth—aye, and enjoy it—you have no business with it: go back to your brown paper and cane!

My own individuality is entirely in the background; aye, I am not conscious of any personality in matters pertaining to the Cause.

There is great perseverance, aye, moral courage of no mean order, in his survival in the movement.

Aye,’ ses he, ‘and it makes the monied vulgarian think he is as good as those who only tolerate him.

Before the Wars there was aye abundance there of hot cakes and fresh herrings and Auxerre wine by the tun.

Aye, and all the other priests of the highest of all arts, who made so pure and profound an impression upon me!

Aye, there it was, slowly winding up the steep white road, on which it seemed to move at a snail's pace.

So ye mind, Mysie, hoo Tam Graham's lass aye clashed on the rest o' us on the pit-head?

Aye, but I danced like a fairy, an' there was not another couple so sprightly an' handsome in all the country.