Azoic [adjective]

Definition of Azoic:

not alive, not organic

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Sentence/Example of Azoic:

The tertiary formation is followed by an azoic formation of gneiss, mica slate, and phylada with large intrusions of granite.

Subsequent to the azoic period and now we have the earth full of life, intelligence and religion due to the unknown force.

So here are the three great elemental characters, all together—the primal sea and sky and land—to act the azoic prologue.

We have here beautiful specimens of the Azoic rocks, and we could make up named collections to exchange for other specimens.

Now, most of these Canadian rivers are Azoic in character; hence their grim and formidable beauty.

They were transported, perhaps, from the Azoic area near Lake Superior.

Geologists have divided a few years of the worlds history into periods, reaching from the azoic rocks to the soil of our time.

Distinct fossils have not been found, all that ever existed in the azoic rocks having been obliterated.

Even in the Azoic or Archozoic Age there are traces in ice-worn rocks and the like of periods of intense cold.

In the European ocean of the Azoic epoch we find five islands of considerable size.