Baa [noun]

Definition of Baa:

sheep sound

Synonyms of Baa:









Opposite/Antonyms of Baa:


Sentence/Example of Baa:

The sheep were afraid, and walked away, crying "Baa-a-ah;" and the little lambs answered, "Baa-a-ah."

They are just as much a manufactured article as the little woolly "baa-baas" in the baby's Noah's Ark.

The sheep were bleating, and a soft baa of little lambs came sweetly to Helen's ears.

You hide yourself out there and baa like a sheep, and I will go in the other direction and bleat like a kid.

The Mayo river 'baa todos los pueblos de indgenas llamados los Mayos.'

"Baa," said the sheep, as if beginning to think that somebody ought to answer all that calling.

The meaning and the form of poetry is to him as intelligent as the baa of a sheep is to you.

Tell her you'll exchange the prince for that baa-ing doll of hers, if you like it.

As Carley rode on the baa-baa of sheep became so loud that she could scarcely hear Glenn talking.

Then the man in his anger caught up a piece of wood and struck the ram on the head, but the poor ram only uttered a feeble baa!