Babbling [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Babbling:

But that arch-fiend had been deserted by the majority of his followers, and he was babbling of suicide to his fellow Brahmins.

He broke off in his speculations, for the notary was babbling something again.

Her presence gave importance to everything,—the song of a bird, the opening of a humble little flower, the babbling of water.

But the Dean had fallen on his knees before her, and was babbling out prayers for pardon and vows of reform.

Then he saw a little blue flower, shaped just like a bell, hanging on a stem over a small babbling brook of water.

The babbling water of the burn was scented with the dead bracken of glens down which it foamed.

Junius came wading shoreward, but he did not relinquish the lump when the other felt and paddled it feverishly, babbling.

The films of wood smoke from the camp-fires spread in a pale blue vapour, and the babbling stream flashed.

I myself had already perceived it; but it was the babbling of the fever: I have never been able to correct it.

I had a famous old gossip in one of my tales,—a much-babbling Widow Sertingly.