Babels [noun]

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If there is one thing that convinces me that the story of the Tower of Babel is true, it is the names of the towns in Injy.

They spoke so many different languages that a Babel-like confusion resulted.

Again Babel burst forth, and riot reigned supreme for five minutes more.

Nembrot, Nimrod; so that his toures hye refers to the tower of Babel.

It is a life of great interest, complicated by the Tower of Babel, that old enemy.

From the low-lying quarters of the towns the word buzzes in your ear with the confusion of a Babel.

The quarters of every officer by this time were packed, and a babel of chatter came from every balcony party.

It would speak with as many tongues as the builders of Babel, and in dialects as much confused, and mutually as unintelligible.

Here in Martinique we find the market a perfect babel of voices, all speaking a curious French patois.

He is said to have been a descendant of Noah and to have assisted at the building of the Tower of Babel.