Babied [verb]

Definition of Babied:

treat like a child

Synonyms of Babied:

Opposite/Antonyms of Babied:

Sentence/Example of Babied:

She’s the baby Karen gave up in Part 2, and she’s looking for her birth mother.

Lori Keith, who manages the Parnassus Mid Cap Fund, sees long-term demand for Teleflex’s equipment as baby boomers age.

The baby colugo reached out from under its mother, tugged a few small leaves and tried to nibble them.

Ali has yet to share the news on her personal Instagram account, or the baby’s name.

Andy updated us that he’s now in a committed relationship with a baby on the way.

They are not trust-fund babies, and I don't want them to get the idea that it's wrong to tolerate small daily hardships — which in my view is why you get paid to work.

So its no surprise that she’s celebrating her baby girl’s big day in a major way.

Efficiency these days has definitely taken on a premium since I’ve gotten pregnant and now have a baby.

This was a particularly complicated development because Wareham had a wife and a newborn baby at the time.

As Mando tries to deliver this baby bounty, he finds himself in a number of dangerous situations, including a battle with a hairy space rhino.