Babier [adjective]

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Aristide replaced the baby, and with a complicated arrangement of string fastened it securely to the seat.

She had carried the baby over to Juana's and left her there, that she might be free to serve the Father's supper.

Keep closely covered with a bell glass and, in a few weeks, more or less, the baby Ferns will start to put in an appearance.

It is a fearsome thing for a man to be left alone in the dead of night with a young baby.

The man with the automobile, the corn-cure, and the baby grew to be legendary in the villages of Provence.

They used to declare that every unbaptised baby would go to Hell and burn for ever in fire and brimstone.

She rose comforted, and drawing the baby's cradle out into the veranda, seated herself at her embroidery.

When he first came to his home in the Korean city, a little bit of a baby, his father and mother were very, very glad to see him.

Your father and mother gave you no warmer welcome than the parents of this little Korean baby gave to him.

One child between three and four was convulsed at the sight of his baby bib fastened round the neck of his bearded sire.