Babies [noun]

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The same outpourings of affection are seen in the dealings of children with their toy babies and animals.

And you know that all babies, especially little babies, sleep a great deal.

Yung Pak's earliest days were spent very much as are those of most babies, whether they live in Korea or America.

Some of those babies we know are cared for on cushions of down and wrapped in soft flannels and delicate muslins.

Josie says, "I think they were real cross not to let a little girl just look at their babies."

She can hold them in her two hands like little soft yellow balls or the powder puffs which Nurse uses on new little babies.

Thanks particularly to the efforts of the Plunket Society, great help is available in the rearing and management of babies.

A whole heap o' times I seed mammies sold from dere little babies, an' dar wuz no'min' den, as yo' knows.

I wus big enough to nus de babies when de Yankees came through.

Mebbe dey leaves babies t' home, mebbe jes' pappy an' mammy.