Baboons [noun]

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A country squire introduced his baboon, in clerical habits, to say grace.

The baboon immediately came down, and it was remarkable how he brought down the basket without upsetting it.

An officer who was visiting Le Vaillant, wishing to try the affection of the baboon for his master, pretended to strike him.

The papio, the first baboon; the mandrill, the second; and the ouanderou, the third.

They have a long muzzle, a short tail, and are nearly of the same size as the baboon, but their hind parts seem to be more feeble.

But when taken young they are easily tamed, and even seem to be more susceptible of education than any other baboon.

One baboon had so wearied his pursuers by his antics that they pointed a gun at him, though with no intention of firing.

The “Baavian-touw” (Anglice, “baboon-rope”) is a species of climbing plant, or liana, with long stems and heart-shaped leaves.

No dog is a match for one, and the hyena and leopard often come off second best in an encounter with a baboon.

The type-species of this genus is the Negro Cynopithecus, who is wholly black, and a little smaller than the Baboon.