Babyhoods [noun]

Definition of Babyhoods:

period of infancy

Synonyms of Babyhoods:

Opposite/Antonyms of Babyhoods:

Sentence/Example of Babyhoods:

Alila is such a strong, active boy now, it is hard to imagine him in his babyhood,—he was such a tiny brown tot!

The first incident in the babyhood of the Princess Alice which attracts attention is the record of her christening.

He had seen Mildred creep from babyhood into childhood, and bud from girlhood to womanhood.

Of five beautiful children only one had lived beyond the first few months of babyhood—and that one was a girl!

Muriel from her babyhood had been accustomed to expect her own way in everything.

Emmy Lou was just beginning to grow tall, just losing the round-eyed faith of babyhood.

Years went by and Anna had left babyhood far behind her and was now a girl of fifteen.

Between them Marjorie had quite a normal babyhood, and the members of the committee were blissfully unaware of it.

In her babyhood Aglaia herself repudiated the name, as far as common use went, and persisted in calling herself "Dums."

Her babyhood had received the idea that liars would be sent unequivocally to hell, and her maturity could not get rid of it.