Bachelors [noun]

Definition of Bachelors:

unmarried man or woman

Synonyms of Bachelors:

Opposite/Antonyms of Bachelors:

Sentence/Example of Bachelors:

As a good-looking young bachelor, though a detrimental, he had been very popular.

She thought the idol would consume them, for bachelor cooking was never intended for bachelor invalids.

The various lodgings of my bachelor days was never quite of the conventional sort.

They very much enjoyed their tête-à-tête dinner; as they had enjoyed many a one in Hartledon's bachelor days.

Children soon appeared on the scene; my bachelor days were over.

Does he think that he can force a handsome jolly young bachelor, like his son Gilbert, to marry the like o' her?

Mr. Pope was a bachelor, and his valet inconsiderately took the “flu.”

Of refined tastes, including a penchant for blue china, being a thriving bachelor, he was able to gratify them.

Each bachelor who desired a bride had to pay 120 pounds of tobacco for his bride's passage.

Mr. Chittenden visited them, and, though charmed by the beauty of the daughter, he had no thoughts of giving up his bachelor life.