Backbiters [noun]

Definition of Backbiters:

mean lady

Synonyms of Backbiters:

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Sentence/Example of Backbiters:

The widow was no gossip, no backbiter, but a woman of opinions and a nimble tongue undeterred by fear or favor.

I know thee for a liar, a deceiver, a backbiter, and a spirit of insatiable malevolence.

The flatterer, the backbiter, the spy,—these find here a rich soil.

Would the slanderer, or backbiter, or hypocrite, indulge their habits if they realized this truth?

Here is something to confute the old backbiter,' and he clapped with his thick short hand a heavy leather pocket-book.

It was therefore agreeable to find one of the Mystery detractors actually named Backbiter.

As to Backbiter, the rat-tailed and spavined bone-setter, curse me if I would have him as a gift: a noble beast!

On more than one occasion he contradicts himself flatly, and he is an inveterate backbiter and gossip.

He had only just been in time then—only just in time to stop the mouth of this blatant backbiter in priest's raiment.

Nobody could call him a detractor or a backbiter or a talebearer or a liar.