Backbones [noun]

Definition of Backbones:

strength of character

Synonyms of Backbones:

Opposite/Antonyms of Backbones:

Sentence/Example of Backbones:

Small and midsize businesses make up the backbone of our economy.

Though new coins and privacy technologies have been emerging for years, Bitcoin and its public ledger remain “the backbone of the cryptocurrency economy,” says Janczewski.

Italy’s luxury sector is dominated by world-renowned brands from Gucci to Valentino and Versace, but it is tens of thousands of small family businesses that form the backbone of the country’s $93 billion fashion and leather industry.

The state and federal government cannot continue to leave behind the essential workers and taxpayers that serve as the backbone of our economy.

The tech giants’ fingerprints, brain power and dollars are all over the invisible backbone of the global internet.

Each of those questions can serve as the backbone for a new course — and most technology platforms will give you more ideas about how exactly you can package your product to sell.

Its backbone should be the study of biology and its substance should be the threshing out of the burning questions of our day.

He was Gascon to the backbone, and his tongue too often betrayed his most secret and his most transient thoughts.

I kept a stiff backbone for a while, but presently a futile rage against circumstances bubbled up and boiled over.

Isabel deigned no reply, and he took possession of a deep chair, settled himself on his backbone, and regarded her attentively.