Backdrop [noun]

Definition of Backdrop:

setting for something

Synonyms of Backdrop:

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Sentence/Example of Backdrop:

This year, against a backdrop of unprecedented global upheaval, OZY is partnering with the data and technology firm 0ptimus to build a better way to forecast the 2020 presidential vote.

It comes against a backdrop of pandemic and protest that will no doubt affect the season beyond the league simply emptying the stands and conceding a few words of support.

The earth — at least the part of it that is California — was no longer a backdrop for our actions, the set of our play.

That’s the surprisingly realistic science backdrop of Biohackers, but that’s where it stays.

This years-long back-and-forth, against the economic backdrop of traditional news media decline, has helped evolve Google’s position.

The explosion took place against the backdrop of Lebanon’s economic and political crises that the coronavirus pandemic has exacerbated.

While Benny undoubtedly has benefited from performing in the third-largest media market in the country, other mascots have found success with smaller backdrops.

The painted backdrop on the wall of the theatre was still visible prior to restoration and the simple mural was to be restored.

Buildings strewn like a careless giant's toys formed a vague and monstrous backdrop.

He recognized a backdrop he had seen thousands of times behind the announcer who introduced the news-casts.