Backed [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Backed:

One evening in the month of April, a slim, straight-backed girl stood in the veranda of a bungalow at Meerut.

The boy backed away from him, and stood a little distance off, holding out a nice, juicy potato this time.

I turned away from the bank and raced up a long slope to a saw-backed ridge that promised largely of unobstructed view.

The hump-backed little figure with poke-bonnet and cane was chased out upon the broken landing.

But when Jess had lowered her umbrella and backed into the shop, she found several customers waiting at the counter.

He shook his head, settled himself in his deep leather-backed chair, and puffed away vigorously at his pipe.

So this was the rich Mrs. Prentice, whom they said really backed Centerports newest venture in the newspaper field?

He was starting to make his conquest backed by one twenty, three fives, four twos, and ninety cents in silver.

Of the two ladies, one was well advanced in years, but the high-backed oaken chair in which she sat was not more upright than she.

Now, said the hump-backed man, who had watched him keenly, what do you mean by coming into my house in this violent way?