Backers [noun]

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"There is a lie without a backer, it seems;" and he looked round on all the company with his calm superior eye.

It was two o'clock before "Dutchy" Mack's backer threw the sponge into the air, and three before they reached the city.

But Paul would not give up, and he had a good backer in Wallace.

Lin, in some way known only to herself, had fathomed Alfred's plans; she even knew the backer's name.

Not all of us can bring to mind immediately the names Qutif and De Backer that are needed to find the references.

Then came the rounder and backer, which is run by power, and both rounds and backs the book at one operation.

Blackwood was the eager employer and unflinching backer of both.

Ford drew a breath of relief and shook hands with his backer.

In the midst, however, Mrs. Dunstan Belloc breezed in with her pretty sister and Belloc's millionaire backer.

Norman, by the roundabout mode of communication he and Tetlow had established, summoned his friend and backer to his office.