Backfiring [verb]

Definition of Backfiring:

have an opposite effect

Synonyms of Backfiring:

Opposite/Antonyms of Backfiring:

Sentence/Example of Backfiring:

Research on the backfire effect is mixed, and some studies suggest it happens rarely.

Providing the facts decreased concerns about fraud among Democrats, but increased them among Republicans—a classic backfire effect.

The Washington Post detailed several other instances of vote-shaming backfires in a 2018 story, including a tweet by Billy Eichner in which he told his bellhop to vote, prompting backlash that forced him to delete the quip.

That’s where they’re actually creating the new fire that’s with their burnout, the backfire operation.

If you have to burn off the rubbish, do so in small spots at a time, then backfire toward the center.

A handful of men were still grouped around Curt, working until the last moment to spread the backfire as far as possible.

Well, way uptown on Main Street, a motorcycle did backfire right beside us—and we all jumped and had a good laugh over it.

It was unusual for a motorcycle to backfire that close together, it seemed like.

It sounded like a motorcycle backfire at first—the first time we heard it—the first shot.

In those few seconds the fire had made tremendous strides, and now met the backfire that Bert had started.