Backlogs [noun]

Definition of Backlogs:

uncompleted work; accumulation

Synonyms of Backlogs:

Opposite/Antonyms of Backlogs:




Sentence/Example of Backlogs:

Bastian said that the mail delivery backlogs “likely will slow down delivery of ballots, both to the voters and back to the states” this fall.

He also noted a significant backlog of future devices and said eventually releasing a cheaper treadmill was a high priority.

If a marketing or sales backlog was available, the pandemic months were the time to review it.

That put pressure on banks and attorneys to move faster so that the big backlog didn’t grow even larger, extending what already were long delays.

By the end of July, the agency says that it has cleared the backlog of 110,000 oath ceremonies delayed by its closures, as well as an additional 7,905 oath ceremonies not scheduled before the pandemic.

Per Hanson Dodge’s head of people and operation Kelly Klawonn, that can take time as there are backlogs in different states.

It didn’t, and the subsequent backlog kept critical orders from reaching their destination quickly.

This has been particularly critical at a time where Amazon has been experiencing shipping delays and backlogs in their ordering system due to Covid-19.

The breakfast fire had burned out; only the great backlog, hoary with gray ashes, lay slumbering at the back of the fireplace.

The night was sharp with the first touch of autumn, and a huge backlog lay on the irons.