Backsets [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Backsets:

Still well, but sit out in the cool air too long, and take a slight backset.

So Thad determined that should they meet with another backset, he was bound to put the matter before his chums in its true light.

If you find anything that will enable me to give that gentleman a financial backset Ill see that you get a handsome reward.

The water is backset by a mill-dam for two miles, forming a small lake.

Its backset, however, is caught in the yawning mouth of the race.

The rascals had had one backset, but this move seemed likely to more than make up for it.

One pool, a backset, was known as the Idiot's Delight, because any one could catch fish there.

The backset to his ambition made him more sleepless than ever, bringing on frequent attacks of asthma.

This was certainly a big "backset," and one they had not dreamed of.

"There is no possible chance for any backset this time," said the lieutenant.