Backsides [noun]

Definition of Backsides:

rear end

Synonyms of Backsides:

Opposite/Antonyms of Backsides:


Sentence/Example of Backsides:

A squad of civilian youngsters was chasing Major Dampfer down the street, pelting the huge target of his backside with snowballs.

In fact, the boy, from a backside view at a little distance, seemed to be wearing a long-tailed coat.

So—just the very backside of truth,—but lying is a figure in speech that interlards the greatest part of my conversation.

Just as I'm about to go sitting on a bare board, your worship would have me score my backside!

Many a younger fellow would sit on his backside for sheer astonishment.

But tha'll do nowt nobbut sit o' thi backside an smook or else spend thi time i' some public wi a glass anent thi.

After my hearty salutations upon your backside, sir, may a man have leave to ask you, what news from the Mogul's country?

And he takes it backside foremost, and shakes his head, and is gloomier than ever.

You there, greenhorn, have a care I don't land you a kick in the backside to learn you to respect good patriots.

It was at that time when the cowes came into the backside to be milk't.