Backsliders [noun]

Definition of Backsliders:

person who is rebellious

Synonyms of Backsliders:

Opposite/Antonyms of Backsliders:

Sentence/Example of Backsliders:

The prodigal was a backslider: when furthest from home he could yet think and speak of the privileges of his father's house.

He was a backslider, and had stopped in passing, being attracted by a hymn I was singing—one his mother used to sing.

Retire then, thou poor backslider, from the haunts of evil—and yet hope for mercy.

If a sinner, newly awakened, be in danger of this species of despondency, a backslider is still more so.

A man isn't a backslider because he's carnally weak, and a man isn't a saint because he's moral and well-behaved.

She was a backslider and put off her return to God and kept putting it off.

I low you might say, an be near the truth, that Im a damned backslider.

After several voyages Borella became "cold and a backslider," and an eye disease nearly blinded him.

You would not straightway brand the art of music as heretical, if perchance some musician were to be apprehended as a backslider.

Six weeks passed in this state of spiritual declension, when God took a strange way to reclaim the backslider.