Backsliding [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Backsliding:

The dear old creature p. 42was really shocked at our backsliding; but she nursed Tom very tenderly all the same.

The king, in great agony and despair, bewails the death of his father and his own backsliding.

But thou hast graciously called me to return to thee, though I have been a backsliding child.

But you played for gain, and that was a licenced thieving; and that was a backsliding; and there will have to be a climbing up.

Diana did not take Gervase Norgate's backsliding to her very heart, was not wounded to death by it as if she had loved him.

Backsliding begins when Christians stop working—stop going forward.

Besides, to give the archdeacon his due, he was really attached to Mr. Arabin, and grieved greatly at his backsliding.

If change of conviction or backsliding occurred later on, that was not their business!

Nor could it be expected that the new rgime could be established without occasional insubordination and some backsliding.

Carlyle was throughout a pessimist or a prophet denouncing a backsliding world.