Backstops [noun]

Definition of Backstops:

barrier used to enclose a piece of land

Synonyms of Backstops:

Opposite/Antonyms of Backstops:

Sentence/Example of Backstops:

She was out of the cell before it hit the backstop and following me down the hall towards her brother's room.

Each time one sailed away over the backstop, it was like the pop of a safety-valve; it averted an explosion.

The backstop was built up of earth and was soft enough so that the pins would not splinter on striking it.

He began to turn its center dial, at first a quarter circle, and then all the way to the final backstop of the calibration.

Finally, the tenth shot smacked against the backstop and he racked his weapon and punched at the target return button.

Joe called out to the veteran catcher, who was acting as his backstop.

Hinsdale was a good backstop, but his throwing to second was erratic.

"Pete is going to be my backstop on our nine," explained Tommy Flanders.

Thomas slammed the ball with a force which carried it far over the wire backstop.

Still, it was unusual, and the lieutenant who served as combination secretary and backstop for oratory quaked as he listened.