Backwashes [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Backwashes:

He goes to the boat where Ravna and Balto lie sleeping, and lays hold of it, lest it should be swept away by the backwash.

But they are highly entertaining to read because they so faithfully mirror the backwash of romanticism.

Making these enquiries, the chaplain came upon the backwash of Udal's reports that the King loved some leman.

So huge a splash did the vast rock give, that the sea heaved up and the backwash of the water drove the ship right to the shore.

Therefore, an ideal backwash is set up, which accounts for all the wreckage strewed on the beach.

She was docked here by a backwash which does not occur very often, judging by the herbage growing among the sand.

The rotenone was mixed with water and applied by hand, or into the backwash of an outboard motor.

The craft yielded to the impulse and drove lurching among the backwash.

Rounding a bend of the stream, she glimpsed a shining blue bottle caught in the backwash of a fallen log.

A backwash of water made it unnecessary for her to exert herself further for a moment, and she turned full-face to the two men.