Backwaters [noun]

Definition of Backwaters:

swampy outlet

Synonyms of Backwaters:

Opposite/Antonyms of Backwaters:


Sentence/Example of Backwaters:

The rugged pioneer community had become, I suddenly saw, a rural backwater.

Once swung out of that backwater they had been swept away, powerless to know where they went, to guess what was their destination.

At last only fourteen of the English were left alive and they got hopelessly penned in a backwater.

Why, you both look as you did that night the backwater of the South Fork came into our cabin.

The blue heron rose heavily from the backwater, and winged his slow flight high above the trees.

The vole moved slowly, right beneath the dark form of the terrier now swimming in the backwater.

It had been half full when little Terence Reilly fell in, for that was the time of the backwater in the spring freshets.

You are too young, and too gifted, to remain here in this sluggish backwater, alongside a derelict like me.

Youll bring every log out o that backwater or Ill know why, he thundered.

Logs once ensnared in this backwater could be taken out only at the cost of much time and labour.