Backwoodsmen [noun]

Definition of Backwoodsmen:

wilderness dweller

Synonyms of Backwoodsmen:

Opposite/Antonyms of Backwoodsmen:


Sentence/Example of Backwoodsmen:

Your true backwoodsman carefully hides every sign of his love for either family or friends.

The backwoodsman, as he drank, held a tight grip on the rope.

Thus commanded, and the man at the stern paddle being supreme in a canoe, the backwoodsman obeyed with a curse.

They could drive a bargain and could discover loopholes in a contract in a fashion to take the average backwoodsman off his feet.

Swift as that spring was, that of the alert backwoodsman was just swift enough to elude it—in part.

I thought I saw a mist appear in the eyes of the strong backwoodsman, and I knew that he was deeply moved.

It was the voice of Peter Day, the backwoodsman who had agreed to take care of Arbuckle during his illness.

Meanwhile, it is characteristic that Sinclair and Young regarded wastes as a backwoodsman regarded a forest.

The gratuitous exposure to the climate, which the backwoodsman seems rather to court than avoid, is a subject of common remark.

Gallant bows and dainty courtesyings and nimble feet were tripping measures quite new to the backwoodsman.