Backyards [noun]

Definition of Backyards:

expanse behind house

Synonyms of Backyards:

Opposite/Antonyms of Backyards:


Sentence/Example of Backyards:

The company has been working with Icelandic retailer AHA since 2018, delivering groceries to peoples’ backyards in Reykjavik.

On group hikes, camping trips, or family backyard gatherings, I wind up with dozens of bug bites when everyone else gets two or three.

Plus, Kenosha is just 39 miles south of Milwaukee, essentially putting the incident in the club’s backyard.

It did not touch you as a child, on those summer days spent climbing the pecan tree in your parents’ backyard.

So whether it’s in a neighborhood full of other synthetic stone homes, floating on a pontoon in a river, or in someone’s backyard, it seems the future will see no shortage of opportunities to inhabit your very own 3D printed house.

I believe the backyard has magical properties that will, probably, make it just safe enough to see people and talk to them.

He said that letting people get “a chance again to see human spaceflight from our own backyard, if you will, is pretty exciting to be a part of.”

A few feet further on was the backyard laid out in a garden with a waterless age-browned concrete fountain in the center.

Commission Exhibit 436, is that a picture of the doorway area leading to the backyard of your home?

They were in the midst of their breakfast when the old woman came in the backyard with her basket.