Bacons [noun]

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With Bacon, experientia does not always mean observation; and may mean either experience or experiment.

It lacks convincingness perhaps from the fact that Thomass theology is so largely philosophy, as Roger Bacon said.

Sentence of fine and imprisonment passed upon lord Bacon in the house of peers for bribery.

Short men liked short cuts, but, as Bacon said, the shortest way is commonly the foulest.

Beans and bacon, cabbage and brown hard dumplings, formed the bill of fare, which the men washed down with plenty of table beer.

A poor curate for his Sunday dinner sent his servant to a chandler's shop, kept by one Paul, for bacon and eggs on credit.

Bacon and approximately four hundred planters marched to the State House at Jamestown and demanded his commission.

The Governor agreed, but Bacon felt that the Governor had no intention of carrying out his promise for a commission.

Bacon proceeded next to Jamestown and defeated Governor Berkeley's forces there.

Bacon realized that although he had won on land, he would have no chance of holding out an attack from the ships.