Bactericidal [adjective]

Definition of Bactericidal:

completely clean, uncontaminated; decontaminating

Synonyms of Bactericidal:

Opposite/Antonyms of Bactericidal:

Sentence/Example of Bactericidal:

To the bactericidal effect of sunlight is equally to be attributed the absence of bacteria from the High Alps.

Sunshine and pure air, it must be remembered, are the strongest bactericidal agents known.

It is generally known that radium, even if externally employed, has proved itself to be a bactericidal remedy.

Antiseptic and bactericidal effects are easily estimated by laboratory methods.

The recent application of the action of bactericidal rays to the cure of lupus is, however, an extension of the same discovery.

The serum of the susceptible rabbit, for example, is bactericidal to this organism, whilst the serum of the immune dog is not.

What is true of the bactericidal action of the salts of mercury is equally true of their therapeutic effect.

The essential oil of the hop is bactericidal: hence the strong impregnation with hop juice of all beer intended for exportation.

There is nothing in this product which possesses these bactericidal powers.

Hence Ehrlich suggested the use of apes for preparing bactericidal sera for human beings.